For the lovely people who followed my travels earlier this year: hello! I am alive! Thank you for reading my blog posts. I hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them (apart from those times I wrote them on my crappy smashed phone screen on an impossibly bumpy bus ride – in those cases, I hope you had more fun than I did).

I am emerging from my cave of silence to update you on my life and the blog. I am now officially a student (!!) of History and Spanish at UCL, living in halls, rehearsing for the Musical Theatre Society’s upcoming production of RENT, puzzling over whether it’s really possible to cook anything other than pasta as a student, and generally trying to keep myself alive. London is awesome and life is good.

I’ve thought long and hard about what direction to take this blog in since I returned from my travels (which now seem like one really long crazy dream). I like writing about lots of different things, and it seemed restrictive to pick just one, so I’ve decided to write about whatever the hell I want to. I might review a restaurant; I might have a cry about Trump – who knows. Watch this space 🙂